By Brad Bloom
We’re certainly not your ordinary “Christian magazine”. We’re certain that you don’t want ordinary. You've told us that you’re up for a challenge even if it means you’ll feel some pain. So, lets grab hold of 2013, give it to God and be given totally over to a full life transformation that gives life to others. Will it be tough? Oh yeah! This is the preview of our 2013 issues.
By Haley Mull
Easter is near. This, the most important Christian holiday, is a time to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and the salvation and hope He has given. Are you prepared? Faith & Fitness Magazine is hosting a 12-day online event that gives you the tools to prepare spiritually, physically and nutritionally. Participate and you can benefit others.
Some of the most requested exercise music these days is Latin-style sounds. Maybe it is because of the high-energy tempo or the celebratory spirit. Whatever the case, now there is an entirely new collection of songs for your workout that will help get you spirit fit. Get started today with a FREE download.
Time to energize your workout with encouraging lyrics and music that stands up to today’s pop sound. SpiritFit Music delivers an experience designed to make your exercise time a celebration of praise to God.
If you belong to a small fellowship group at your church you may be wondering how to make it more than a guided discussion of the most recent Sunday sermon or book study. If you belong to a group exercise class you may be longing for deeper interaction with others. ActivPrayer is one program that is bringing together the best of both group exercise and small fellowship groups. Learn about it then get one started in your community.
Time to do some distance, have some fun doing it and benefit those throughout the world facing starvation. The Mile Club Challenge provides an online tracking tool and a shirt to celebrate your accomplishments.
By Brad Bloom
Where will you be in your faith and fitness journey a year from now? Will things be any better than they are now? Take a look at what factors are currently in place, consider some opportunities for growth then take the most important next step.

Avoiding future tragedies will be the end result of offering services and developing programs that meet the whole spectrum of member needs.
By Kimberly Bloom
For a short time each year the great outdoors extends a colorful invitation for a golden getaway. For Faith & Fitness Magazine readers a one-day retreat in the Shenandoah Mountains delivered refreshment, adventure and quiet time to be alone with God.


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