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The snow is here. Time to get out there and clear it away then play. Here is a winning winter workout that will help you shovel snow safely. Keep the fun, safety and the fitness going strong through all of this season's winter weather.

By Doug Pagitt, Pastor
When God set out to create a thing of beauty did He in fact fail? Maybe you’re not all that wonderfully made after all. In fact, wonder if you’re a pretty big disappointment so deeply flawed that God, like a bully on a school bus says you, “Suck Royal”! If this is your understanding of God, then take time to read this entire article adapted from Doug Pagitt’s book A Christianity Worth Believing. Then share the message of rugged beauty with others.
(Approximate reading time: 13:30)
By Dr. Matt Hill, NCCAA Vice President

If you are an athlete or a coach you have a platform that the world is watching. What are you going to do with it? Use your talents and influence to affect others.
By Brent Fox

The horror of the Virginia Tech massacre and the abduction of a teenage girl from a store parking lot during daylight in Kansas City are just two recent tragedies that reflect a violent trend in today’s culture. Can you live a life of faith and yet be aggressive or forceful? Now more than ever, you need to consider how improved physical fitness and personal faith in Christ go hand-in-hand in keeping yourself safe.


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