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Men share about the character qualities that make them strong.

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Hey guys take a look below at some muscle-driven motivational quotes found at At work, play, in the gym, home, woven in our careers and daily social life the drive to be our best is continually being repeated in our ears, emphasized in our training, elevated in our goals and figuratively nailed to our foreheads. You’ve been to the gyms where guys trash talk, swing around the weights and aren’t just sweating, they reek with the smell of attitude. We’re men. That’s who we are and how we behave. It’s what motivates us.













But – what could happen if men dropped the ego to instead both privately and publicly pursue and point others toward God? Not the self-God of our own creation but the one true God, the God of the universe --- the Great I Am. What happens is the greater strength of God’s Spirit is revealed. That in turn exposes the hype in popular motivational attitudes and sets in place the foundation, a starting point for a “spiritual gym” a place where iron sharpens iron. In other words when you demonstrate the might of meekness YOU can help guys cut the crap, be brutally honest in recognizing together their weakness and thirst for the presence of God.

Back in 1903 British philosophical writer James Allen released a book, As A Man Thinketh, for which he is best known. However that same year, he also released another work titled, All These Things Added, which contains The Might Of Meekness. While his work certainly isn’t scripture, it is nonetheless inspirational, especially when viewed as a men’s devotional written from a relatively recent past that seems to have anticipated the current trend in male human nature:

The man who conquers himself by Meekness is mighty. Meekness cannot boast, nor advertise itself, nor thrive on popularity; being a spiritual quality it is perceived only by the eye of the spirit. Those who are not spiritually awakened see it not. Canopied with gentleness, thou shalt bless where others curse; love where others hate; forgive where others condemn; yield where others strive; give up where others grasp: lose where others gain, and in their strength they shall be weak; and in thy weakness thou shalt be strong.

Faith & Fitness Magazine asked men to read the full James Alen writing, reflect on their own life and then share one Christ-like CHARACTER quality that has shaped them into who they are today. Their stories are on the following pages. Click on the numbers at the bottom of each page to proceed and read them all.  Then CONTACT US and share you’re story.  We may add it to this collection so that you too can help shape the lives of other men. You can also simply post a Facebook comment at the bottom of this page.


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