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Go ahead and say it, “Let me out of here!” We’re meant to be outdoors. But, busy schedules, commitments and personal agendas keep us indoors too much. Your kids want it. Oblige them, have the courage to get active and get out – in the great outdoors.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
The Busy Man’s Guide To Fitness shows you how to make time for fitness, family and friends. As a registered user you can share your own busy-man tips.
An interview with Kristian Josok
Canada’s expansive wilderness can be a huge territory to cover especially if you serve as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But for Kristian Josok, a career in policing is only part of the story. He is a DJ, bodybuilder, husband and father. Kristian talks about how men can be versatile and yet maintain balance. Listen to streaming audio of one of Kristian’s mixes while you read.
An interview with John Rozmus is a website that boasts being “the future of bodybuilding”. More than 450,000 people have created their own personal BodySpace profile. If you look beyond all the egos and self-promotion you’ll find one of those profiles belongs to John Rozmus. The University of Cincinnati student uses his BodySpace to model more than muscles. John’s online presentation represents a growing number of people who are motivated to seek God and find multiple ways to actively live out their faith in Jesus and make a difference.
By Geoff Neupert
Tension is what makes you strong. Sometimes, when training for strength and mastering that tension you find that shortcuts present themselves as options. A couple of years ago, my marriage was in trouble. It was a whole different kind of tension. Just like exercise makes the body stronger, no matter how unpleasant at the time, temptation is a necessary tension, a necessary stress in strengthening your faith.
By Dr. Garrett Gilchrist
Thanks to the new Twilight movie every young man will now be compared against Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob Black. Men are flooding gyms in unprecedented numbers in order to change the appearance of their bodies. Body image can be a heavy weight to carry unless you find balance. Dr. Garrett Gilchrist presents a challenging report that will help you look at the male physique and all it can reveal.
By Stephen W. Simpson, Ph.D.
Fatherhood confounds most men at first. This leaves less time for exercise. If physical fitness is going to be part of your life you have to make it a priority. Psychologist and father of four, Stephen W. Simpson shares important lessons he has learned about fatherhood and fitness.
An interview with Army Staff Sgt. Richard Bradley

Can you take a big leap of faith? One dark night Army Staff Sergeant Richard Bradley did exactly that. A bad exit – a tangled parachute --- he had just seconds to think and pray. Surviving the fall had a spiritual impact that would require him to give more than he ever had before. Could that same force be at work in your life too?
By Mark Dugdale, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

The professional bodybuilding scene has offered Mark Dugdale a deeper glimpse into the weight training culture. In this short commentary written especially for our theme “What Would Jesus Lift?”, Mark builds on his unique insights and challenges you to put behind your insecurity and vain-pursuits and instead build commitment and focus.
By Greg Hansen
To be as God is – that is a goal worthy of your aspirations. Gregory Hansen offers eight tips to help you sculpt a balanced muscular and lean physique. However, the advice for sculpting a muscular and lean faith is one simple tip --- you have to sacrifice. Are you up for the challenge?


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