By Jeffrey P. Beck
Devin Ricker has a rock-hard body and good looks. But he has something more - an inner-strength that comes only from faith. Like so many men, his temptation with online pornography led to an addiction. Combined with that he thought cursing was a sign of his masculinity. These things led to loneliness and self-contempt. Learn how God helped Devin to turn things right-side up. Get tips so you can too.
By Rob Killen

Guys, do you like to play sports or lift weights? Ever wonder how you take those interests and do something more with them? For Rob Killen, he followed God’s leading and started a service to help churches reach people through fitness. He wants you to pick up some basic principles to help others.

By Quentin Randolph
As a kid in elementary school I was teased. But it was a few years later in the high school weight room that I discovered the attitude and skills that led to a transformation. Today I maintain the muscle gains I’ve made. I do that not just to look good and be healthy. I do it because I lost my fear and gained a whole lot more than confidence. Men want and need to be physically strong – but we must be spiritually strong. Here is how you can do both.
By Andy Travis, personal trainer

If all of life’s problems were rolled into one big heavy atlas stone we’d realize the weight is too great to keep holding. It should be easy to let go especially when you feel the strain of resistance. Trainer Andy Travis held the weight for too long. He wants you to know it’s time for change – before your burdens crush you. How? Just drop it now. Here is help for you to make the tough choices between staying the same and pursuing change.

By Noel Frias

What would you do if you got the bad news that you have HIV? What do you do when you realize you’re not living up to your expectations or in the full potential of God’s grace? Discover how Noel Frias learned to rely on God to turn his tragedy into an opportunity to be the life of Christ to others.

Rob Killen's picture
Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Rob Killen
Some kids kick, box and fight in protest when going to church with mom and dad. David Dise just went – and then he quit. But God didn’t quit on him. Today, David manages the ROC Fight Club in Richmond, Virginia helping youth and adults learn how to punch and kick people in the name of Christ --- and a whole lot more.
By Rodney Gaines

For many of us there is a survivor experience that is more common than you might expect. It is the “What else could go wrong” moment. It can happen over and over until you start to anticipate the next bad thing. Rodney Gaines has certainly had his share of tough times to survive. Through all the trials he has learned to anticipate something else – something much greater than any problem. It is God’s grace and strength. Rodney’s message is simple: God will help you survive, avert disaster and find purpose.

Brad Bloom's picture
By Ben Booker and Brad Bloom
Here it is --- Ben Booker’s exclusive six-pack solution just for men! Print it, take it to the gym and see amazing results in just 15 minutes. OK, it is going to be more like 15 days – at least! Can you handle a strict diet of sacrifice? Mmmmm, ouch, oh yeah.
By Dr. Renee Coffey, Behavioral Pshychologist
Good news men - your gal appreciates your hot bod and the hours you spend sweating…at the gym. BUT --- She wants more. And you can give it to her. Don’t be satisfied with just average. Master these 10 steps and get results that are out of this world.


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