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Ezra Dew is an actor, personal trainer, life coach and cover model for Faith & Fitness Magazine. His pic illustrates the theme, “It’s Drive Time. How To Nail ‘Your’ Agenda. Turns out he has something to say about it too.

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11 readers show us their arms, tell how they got ‘em and what they do to make a difference. You can TRI but you can’t BI your way into this dimension. Check out all 11 pages.  No matter your size, you can be a big lifter for God serving others.

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A men's workout group joins forces with a rescue mission to sweat, work, love, and grow. Read this now then seek God in prayer as to how you can use your arms and put some muscle into helping others.

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I grew up in a family that was very active. But, I was shy, reserved and kept to myself. I’ve always been the kind of person to envision opportunities and then go after them. That is how great adventures happen. I took a chance on myself and put trust in God's guidance. It was the best thing I could have done.  Read this article and be inspired to stretch and pursue your passion.

By Mark Cornelison

You’ve seen the television show. The challenges are immense, the desperation is overwhelming and the transformations are amazing. Mark has been there and done it and now his burden is to bring light to others in ways he never could have imagined.

How do you celebrate freedom? We asked you to share what freedom means to you and make a declaration of ‘dependence’. Take a look at what others are saying and how we’re all living a faith and fitness lifestyle.

By Jeffrey P. Beck
Devin Ricker has a rock-hard body and good looks. But he has something more - an inner-strength that comes only from faith. Like so many men, his temptation with online pornography led to an addiction. Combined with that he thought cursing was a sign of his masculinity. These things led to loneliness and self-contempt. Learn how God helped Devin to turn things right-side up. Get tips so you can too.
By Rob Killen

Guys, do you like to play sports or lift weights? Ever wonder how you take those interests and do something more with them? For Rob Killen, he followed God’s leading and started a service to help churches reach people through fitness. He wants you to pick up some basic principles to help others.

By Quentin Randolph
As a kid in elementary school I was teased. But it was a few years later in the high school weight room that I discovered the attitude and skills that led to a transformation. Today I maintain the muscle gains I’ve made. I do that not just to look good and be healthy. I do it because I lost my fear and gained a whole lot more than confidence. Men want and need to be physically strong – but we must be spiritually strong. Here is how you can do both.


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