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Much of the conversations about body image issues focuses on the challenges women face. However, body image concerns among men is rarely discussed, often trivialized, and certainly lacking solid Christian wisdom.  Mike Akerson brings some much needed personal perspective and faith-centered advice to help men form a stronger and healthier perspective of the body God has given them.

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Want to make lasting lifestyle changes? To be successful you need more than knowledge, a better diet and improved skills. You need a good relationship --- even two! Fitness and lifestyle coach Troy Ismir gives you the 101's of 1 on 1.

In America today there is a network of Y leaders and members that are coming together regularly to strengthen the Christian mission of the Y. Their national conference brings them together in one location to seize the day.

By Brad Minns

Brad Minns trained hard to win the World Tennis Games for the Deaf. Down two sets and behind in the third of five sets, he was discouraged. Brad prayed and then pressed forward one point at a time. Today he coaches tennis and motivates people to seek God in their challenges and never give up. Includes video of Brad Minns' personal story.
By Our Whole Community, Incorporated Leadership Team
Imagine a Gold’s Gym, YMCA, community recreation center and personal training studio all working together daily. It is unlikely such a scenario could ever work. Yet one central Florida community has pioneered new territory in the world of fitness through the collaborative efforts of four churches. The result is improved health in the lives of members and a shining example that churches can work together using fitness ministry.
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