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Character is a big word challenging us toward significance in heart, purpose and commitment. But do you hide the character qualities God wants you to share with others? I did. I’m on a spirit, soul and body journey to get into character. Join me.

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Have a craving for some chocolate? Yeah, we thought so. Let us introduce you to the good stuff, some awesome recipes and one sweet chocolate evangelist.

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Your church, fitness facility, business or local group AND especially individuals can start a garden ministry in your community. You can bring the benefits of vigorous outdoor exercise, fresh flavorful organic nutrition and spiritually strengthening fellowship and conversation to your area. Get started today!

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Get your workout and healthy nutrition from one single family experience – gardening. Character Strength Department Editor, Kimberly Bloom tells you how and how rewarding it can be for both your family and friends.

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WOMEN'S INTEREST As we approached the start line you could feel the excitement. During the race my daughter was a brilliant light to others. Here's how you honor God with your fitness, skills and interactions with others.

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Posted by Kimberly Bloom
At the YMCA my grandson tried several times to make a basket. Even with me holding him up he couldn't do it. Do you have the determination and can-do spirit to follow through on all that God has purposed for you?
By Nancy Metheny
How you survive breast cancer depends on a lot of things. For Nancy Metheny developing a full treatment plan included exercise and support from her faith community. Today the legacy of her cancer experience has both negatives and positives. She deals with the negative by choosing to focus on the positive. What do you have in your pocket? You can watch a short video of her telling her story.
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By Rob Killen, Professional Development Editor
A fitness ministry should be much more than people exercising in a facility operated by a Christian owner. It can be a more comprehensive life-strengthening experience for members. To make that happen, an organization needs to employee a team that delivers the very best on all levels. These practical tips will help bring “All-Stars” to the programs and services of every church or club fitness ministry.
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