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Supernatural strength and faith. That’s Samson. We’ve never offered you a workout inspired by history’s strongest, until now! 4 movements x 6 rounds = 1 tough WOD. Go ahead, get started. Build physical and spiritual strength with this one.

An interview with Todd Bright
What would you do if you could be the CEO of one of America’s most successful fitness clubs? When you have patiently worked toward the pinnacle of your career, how do you go further? For Todd Bright the answers were to have faith in God’s plan for his life and achieve financial fitness.
By Michelle Spadafora, Founder, Faithful Workouts
If you look toward your workout time with dread instead of excitement, it’s time to make some changes. Discover how to put the fun factor in your exercise routine to enhance your overall day. A fun workout helps you to put your focus where it belongs – on God. Read and get a FREE Faithful Workouts DVD!
By Will Davis Jr., Senior Pastor, Austin Christian Fellowship

A strong core can help you perform better, no matter what sport you play. It will allow you to harness more power. Performance training editor, Matthew Diener introduces you to core training, offers a few specific core-training exercises and lets you see the spiritual connection. Just as we need strong core muscles to produce power, we need to rely on God for strength every day.
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