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Can Christians live out the Great Commission if they are not well and fit? The stats are saying no. MissionFiT is a ministry that restores health to people so they can live life to the fullest. Read how they can support your church and church leadership.

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Firefighting is tough work – a vocation that’s physically difficult and spiritually stressful. FCFInternational is a community of firefighters and first responders building stronger relationships. These sold-out Christians work together for the cause of Christ. Their passion for God’s purpose is spreading to others. Discover an intense approach to training and let God ignite your faith.

By David Redding, founder of F3Nation
SURVIVAL TRAINING Direct from the French Commando School deep in the Pyrenees Mountains of France, former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer David Redding has survived harsh and brutal training. Now he shares with you 10 principles he has learned from his survival experiences. Both men and women who are serious about taking training to the next level will benefit from these tips. If you apply them to your training and life they will be all you need to know to survive.
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