By Cody Bobay, Fitness Evangelist
The church is suffering from physical and spiritual morbid-obesity and as a result people are physically dying. It is that simple. If God took your blood pressure right now, would your heart be a pleasing sacrifice to Him? To reverse this obesity epidemic in America, it really is going to take the power of Christ in all of our lives. Includes an easy 4-step solution you can initiate in your community.
By Krista Embury
We could tell you what we’re against – donuts in the church foyer every Sunday, gut-busting church fellowship dinners and preachers parading pounds of fat in front of a congregation who will have to miss next week’s communion so they can go have bariatric surgery. Instead, get Fit To Eat. This isn’t another high school home-economics class. This is a serious step toward putting your appetite on the alter, giving your passion for eating to God and rediscovering food done right!eous.
An interview with Todd Bright
What would you do if you could be the CEO of one of America’s most successful fitness clubs? When you have patiently worked toward the pinnacle of your career, how do you go further? For Todd Bright the answers were to have faith in God’s plan for his life and achieve financial fitness.
Rob Killen's picture
By Rob Killen, Professional Development Editor
A fitness ministry should be much more than people exercising in a facility operated by a Christian owner. It can be a more comprehensive life-strengthening experience for members. To make that happen, an organization needs to employee a team that delivers the very best on all levels. These practical tips will help bring “All-Stars” to the programs and services of every church or club fitness ministry.
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By Rob Killen

Understand the reasons we have difficulty committing to our New Year's resolution: Lack of motivation, no one to hold you accountable, scheduling conflicts, no specific goals established and no deeper spiritual motivation in your weight loss and fitness quest. Make 2015 your year for success.


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