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The Heart Of Man is a new movie that released nationwide in theaters throughout the U.S. on September 14 for one day only. So, let’s hope it isn’t long before it releases to DVD and other distribution channels so that it can be viewed in churches, gyms and other individual and small group settings. This docudrama includes theatrical scenes and compelling interviews to tell a narrative that I think many in the fitness culture will find relevant.

This is a movie that discusses the topics of addictions, compulsive behaviors, secrecy and SHAME from a Christian faith perspective.


I suspect those who don’t embrace the Christian faith and place little value in morals and traditions may be quick to assert that shame is merely human judgment that they may suggest is fueled largely by those who are Christian. However, I believe most people conclude that the feelings of shame they sense deep within are something more than imposed social agendas designed to control their behavior. This film will help you find some clarity for what is going on in your life, who God really is and how He behaves toward us.

What I like about this “Christian” film is that it isn’t another historical Bible tale or apocalyptic thriller.  Yes, Christians are aware of the past and anticipate the future, but they serve a God that is very active in the NOW. This film represents exactly what Christians need to do so much more --- deliver a faith that is usable today and be a solution for the spiritual needs of those around them.

The Heart Of Man I think should be presented as a fitness ministry event at YMCA’s, church fitness facilities, CrossFit boxes, personal training studios, large and small group exercise classes, wellness centers and other fitness facilities and events. I encourage fitness professionals to make it part of your programming.

The fitness culture is so incredibly focused on the physical body. This film dials into the spiritual backside of that physical focus. Everyone can benefit from this film either for their own personal growth or to BE LIFE and compassionately support those around them.

There is no other faith-building film that talks ‘cardio’ like The Heart Of Man.  CONTACT US for help with doing fitness ministry at your church or gym or in your community.

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