By Shiloe Steinmetz
Have you ever prayed, “Dear God, I just need more time!” Well, while you can’t get any more minutes or hours in a day for you and your family you can transform your schedule and make it healthier. It is time to get balance and build time-wellness with this 4-point strategy to gain STRONG TIME.
By Brad Bloom

Express workouts, gym memberships, home exercise videos, mall walking, personal training and hundreds of other ways to get fit have been devised. Still can’t seem to find the time for health? Still wondering what is the best way to get fit? Then you need to use these 7 steps to find the workout plan that is right for you.

By Cody Bobay, Fitness Evangelist
The church is suffering from physical and spiritual morbid-obesity and as a result people are physically dying. It is that simple. If God took your blood pressure right now, would your heart be a pleasing sacrifice to Him? To reverse this obesity epidemic in America, it really is going to take the power of Christ in all of our lives. Includes an easy 4-step solution you can initiate in your community.
By Steve Collins
Do you ever feel like you have the desire, knowledge, and passion to be more effective in your service to others and God, but you just lack the energy? That was the predicament of O.A. Fish, a retired Eastern Airlines pilot who founded South Mountain Christian Camp in the 70’s. For years he prayed that God would heal his body from poor health, but the answer he received surprised him.
By Paul Batz
At age 49 Paul Batz attended the funeral of a friend --- also 49. His friend, overweight, rejected the thought that he “had to” workout. Though Paul doesn’t always find exercise to be enjoyable, he’s learning that he “gets to” workout. “Have to” – “Get to”, there is an attitude difference. And, it makes all the difference in the world.
By Noel Frias

What would you do if you got the bad news that you have HIV? What do you do when you realize you’re not living up to your expectations or in the full potential of God’s grace? Discover how Noel Frias learned to rely on God to turn his tragedy into an opportunity to be the life of Christ to others.

By Corey Little
Like riding a bike, moving forward in life requires momentum from God to achieve balance. We’re not created to live in the extremes. When you’re not moving in God’s plan you risk falling and getting hurt. To achieve balance physically and spiritually there are a few simple rules to follow. Learn how to stop doing everything and focus on what matters most.
book review
Want to get your “thrive” on? You need to understand the importance of godly wellness. Having a lifestyle of health, healing and faith doesn’t just happen – it is an intentional choice you make. It’s not just a choice for you. It is a choice for a higher purpose. FREE DOWNLOAD - Click on the banner below and start reading the first chapter now.
By Brenda Wise-Arnold and Dr. David Martin
Eat chocolate and lose weight. Not quite what you expect right? OK well today’s tie-me-over-to-lunch chocolate candy bar has evolved --- a lot, and not in a good way. But the closer you can get to that original God-designed natural cacao bean the healthier it is. Get a good daily dose of antioxidants – the tasty way!
An online companion to 40 Days To Better Living – DEPRESSION
Get ready to meet Liz, Nadia, Greg, Michael, Ada and Dawn. These six people each have a story to share about how they are overcoming depression. According to Dr. Scott Morris, founder of the Church Health Center in Memphis, “Living healthy doesn’t just mean that you see the doctor regularly.


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