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Have a craving for some chocolate? Yeah, we thought so. Let us introduce you to the good stuff, some awesome recipes and one sweet chocolate evangelist.

George Pierce isn’t the only racing athlete that has been hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He is one however that has survived --- and thrived. He gives God all the credit.

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In a secular America it’s often assumed that health care providers must be “spiritually sterile”. Can you really integrate the Christian faith into a community wellness service and make it welcoming to all? The Church Health Center does it well and is helping others throughout the nation seamlessly weave faith, fitness and more into a great community collaboration.

Learn the importance of surrendering and meditation for spiritual and mental health.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS   Meditation is just as much a part of a healthy lifestyle as exercise. Find out how you can incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

TWIN CITIES EDITION  Dr. Teresa Brenke reminds us how important fruits and veggies are and gives us concrete action steps toward healthy eating through colorful foods!

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TWIN CITIES EDITION  From lunges to lunch, Inwood Designs athletic accessories are girly AND functional so you can move and look good! 

TWIN CITIES EDITION How could losing over 100 pounds change your life and even SAVE your life? 
Minnesota based Crown College Bible professor, Dennis Ingolfsland tells his story of losing weight and finding his life again.

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TWIN CITIES EDITION  Essential, colorful nutrients to add to your plate everyday for YOUR best health! 


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