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What’s the purpose of exercise? What’s YOUR purpose for doing it? Don’t just chant along with the rest of the tribe. Seek and find something greater. Speak words that bring life to you and others.

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Even if your workouts were always 100% on-point, your diet perfect, your career successful and you have your life routine down to a well-organized performance you still need to reset --- a regularly planned break --- a faith-centered fitness retreat.

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Hey, I’m Jez, and I live in London, the capital of the United Kingdom and home to more than 8 million people. Many challenges face our city including stress, obesity, alcoholism and more. As a Christian fitness trainer I'm working to improve the gym culture in our city and help people discover that they are loved by God.

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I was once a woman who could tell you easily what was wrong, and it always had something to do with someone else. I invite you to let God—not your spouse, your kids, your job, your body, your age, your ability, your talent, your gifting, or anything else—be your Savior. As we are restored, Jesus invites us to look outward. This is the Wellness Revelation.

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Teena Henson's amazing weight loss gained public attention in 2014 through reports from CNN and others. These reports mentioned the faith component of her story, but Teena has much more to share. Read here about her faith in God from the beginning days of her transformation through to today and how it shapes her physical and spiritual fitness.

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For many Christmas isn’t a time of joyful memories, good tidings and cheer. Instead they are consumed by loneliness, stress, depression and despair. This Holiday Survival Guide offers four tips that can help you maintain mental and spiritual wellness, which ultimately improves your physical wellness.

At some point we all go to the University of Hard Knocks, getting an education from life’s challenges. For some, the college years can be extremely difficult lacking passion and the ability to thrive. Jana Letterman provides solid encouragement and advice for college students needing solutions to better mental wellness. See how mental illness can be addressed through strengthening Christian faith and physical fitness.

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Choosing a movie to see shouldn't be difficult and frustrating. However, when you get too busy, over-committed and crowd out that pause time with God then even simple things can become overwhelming. Pastor Josh Reich, shares how he rediscovered breathing room and offers guidance so you can stress less and live more.

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Pause for a moment from all the talk about how yoga is at odds with the Christian faith. Instead dare to completely surrender and exhale “you” to create space for God. THEN - stretch your faith and consider how you can join those at YogaFaith to reach out and provide compassionate care to victims of human trafficking.

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Have a craving for some chocolate? Yeah, we thought so. Let us introduce you to the good stuff, some awesome recipes and one sweet chocolate evangelist.


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