By Sheila Hall
Sheila Hall says there are 3 important rules to follow in your faith and fitness: love Jesus, love others, and remove the EGO. Find out how to do it and how to gain the ultimate goal as you exercise.
By Bryant Johnson
Bryant feels that believe habits can be unnatural. Sometimes it is necessary to do something over and over until you get it and make it a natural routine. Do it for the right reasons because it is all in the attitude.
An interview with Frank and Michelle Strong, U.S. Air Force and staff with Military Ministry

As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Frank Strong knows the importance of fitness. As a family, he and his wife Michelle have learned to draw on the greater strength of God. Their newest mission is to serve through Military Ministry and help families gain freedom through Christ to grow stronger.

By Kirsten Quick
Can you imagine what it would be like to have a personal trainer that is a tough task master and never builds a personal rapport with you? We can’t either. Kirsten, a personal trainer talks about why it is important to bring your faith to the gym.
By Luther Martin
You’ve heard of the South Beach Diet or a Los Angeles style bootcamp. They’re cool names for nice trendy programs that improve you. But if you’re ready to get a bit more extreme and improve the life of others then check out the North Korean Workout. Add a whole new edge to fitness. It’s a life changer.
By Pastor David Pritchard
It’s the dead-end job, the monotonous routine, the just surviving that has you wondering if there is more to life. There is of course and there isn’t a moment to waste in finding how God wants you to use your time at work, the gym, home and in your daily activities. Every place you go, every person you encounter, everything you do… every moment counts.
By Paul Batz
New Faith & Fitness Magazine columnist Paul Batz gets straight to the point – He’s not a fitness guy. But, he does have a new fitness hero and he’s getting some much-needed motivation. Start reading and you too can get a good dose of inspiration to break a sweat every day and blend together fitness, friends and fun.
By Katie Cordova
In this article Katie Cordova says, “I have always found myself to be a hippie at heart with a very ‘peace love and happiness’ way of doing things. She says being judgemental is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Time to enter the original ‘Judgement Free’ Zone.
By Doug Pagitt, Pastor
When God set out to create a thing of beauty did He in fact fail? Maybe you’re not all that wonderfully made after all. In fact, wonder if you’re a pretty big disappointment so deeply flawed that God, like a bully on a school bus says you, “Suck Royal”! If this is your understanding of God, then take time to read this entire article adapted from Doug Pagitt’s book A Christianity Worth Believing. Then share the message of rugged beauty with others.
(Approximate reading time: 13:30)
Matt Evans's picture
By Matt Evans, Executive Editor, Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine
Among the sea of treadmills, stair-steppers, and stationary pedal bikes, I search the bank of TV screens for some inspiration. What can I do outside this sweaty gym? It’s time to make your summer travel plans. This year make it a true fitness adventure. I’ve compiled 5 great destinations that will have you wanting to get outdoors and get fit.


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