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11 readers show us their arms, tell how they got ‘em and what they do to make a difference. You can TRI but you can’t BI your way into this dimension. Check out all 11 pages.  No matter your size, you can be a big lifter for God serving others.

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Paramedic Nate Drake and his coworkers are strong. As a team they’re stronger. Yet, the perfect strength for the toughest job isn’t built at the gym or made by group planning. Far from self-confidence find something more fragile and strong.

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The church pianist arched her back for the opening hymn. The man in the pew didn’t miss one movement. Lust can be obvious or not. It can be workaholism, absorption in hobbies, desire to please others and more.  Make lust good – give it to God.



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Bring Fit For Freedom to your church, gym or community. Get guidance to start a small group study, host Laurie for a special presentation, launch a sermon series, do a one-day or weekend event or schedule a multi-week program. Get started here at Fit For Freedom - LIVE.

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I grew up in a family that was very active. But, I was shy, reserved and kept to myself. I’ve always been the kind of person to envision opportunities and then go after them. That is how great adventures happen. I took a chance on myself and put trust in God's guidance. It was the best thing I could have done.  Read this article and be inspired to stretch and pursue your passion.

By Mark Cornelison

You’ve seen the television show. The challenges are immense, the desperation is overwhelming and the transformations are amazing. Mark has been there and done it and now his burden is to bring light to others in ways he never could have imagined.

By Brad Bloom

We’re all human and we’re all uniquely made --- “in the image of God”. But what do you do when you see someone who is more unique than you are used to seeing? Do you respect them less or at least not stare? Here is a story about fashion photographer Rick Guidotti and his non-profit Positive Exposure that will help you really see others differently. Take it to heart and you’ll get a better view of God and you. Get exposed now to the beauty of others.

By Andy Travis, personal trainer

If all of life’s problems were rolled into one big heavy atlas stone we’d realize the weight is too great to keep holding. It should be easy to let go especially when you feel the strain of resistance. Trainer Andy Travis held the weight for too long. He wants you to know it’s time for change – before your burdens crush you. How? Just drop it now. Here is help for you to make the tough choices between staying the same and pursuing change.

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Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Rob Killen
Some kids kick, box and fight in protest when going to church with mom and dad. David Dise just went – and then he quit. But God didn’t quit on him. Today, David manages the ROC Fight Club in Richmond, Virginia helping youth and adults learn how to punch and kick people in the name of Christ --- and a whole lot more.


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