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Tomo Marjanovic is both a police officer and an NPC Classic Physique Competitor. He looks to Christ to live his faith boldly in everything he does.

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You can win a championship or achieve success in academics or business—whatever your dream is—and still know there’s something missing. Shawn Maves’ story can help you see the greater vision. Don’t miss anything.

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Michael Wittig plays bass for the Christian hard rock band Pillar. He also works hard in the gym building a chiseled physique and a strong brand. See how he brings fitness and faith together to help people achieve their goals. READ NOW.

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The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference brings together hundreds of writers for fellowship and to grow opportunities for Christian influence in today's culture.  Check out how some of them get active and celebrate the glory of God.

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Hey, I’m Jez, and I live in London, the capital of the United Kingdom and home to more than 8 million people. Many challenges face our city including stress, obesity, alcoholism and more. As a Christian fitness trainer I'm working to improve the gym culture in our city and help people discover that they are loved by God.

This is the story of two Catholic priests being a witness for Christ helping priests to eat clean, be fit, and pray well. It is a Fitser Upper story that can inspire all of us to come together to support and love each other. Being connected and having awareness is not enough. God calls every person to reach out and tell those around them – You are not alone. READ ALL 5 PAGES.

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Life sometimes throws us what may seem to be impossible situations but our faith provides us with the strength we need to come out victorious!

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Teena Henson's amazing weight loss gained public attention in 2014 through reports from CNN and others. These reports mentioned the faith component of her story, but Teena has much more to share. Read here about her faith in God from the beginning days of her transformation through to today and how it shapes her physical and spiritual fitness.

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Culture is trending in directions we could never have imagined. Faith is now a recognized driver in fitness. In this multi-page article Publisher Brad Bloom offers a quick summary of trends and opportunities followed by a detailed report. Join us as we set the stage for the future of the faith and fitness culture.

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  I participated in my first Spartan Race with a group from our church. I needed this race. It changed my life. How? Well check it out - God gave me seven major takeaways from being a Spartan.




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