Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Putting tools like a cell phone or car keys in your teen’s hands helps him or her to communicate and get to where he or she is going. Here are exercise ideas you can do with your teen. Give your teen the tools to be active, spiritually fulfilled and confident in you as a COURAGEOUS man.
By Lindsay Edwards, Ph.D.
When should your family get active and build a spiritual foundation to stay connected? Start today and do it for the rest of your life so that generations to come can experience the fullness of God’s plan for physical and spiritual strength. Exercise, eating well, rest and more are things you can do be healthy. Lindsay Edwards, Ph.D. examines the seven stages of a family to give you practical guidance for each phase of your family life.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Here are 5 top reasons guys don’t exercise. What are your excuses? Come on, wake up dad and get with it!
An interview with bodybuilder Nick Wright
Young men and big muscles --- Not every guy has them or even wants them but they all want a strong identity. From an early age Nick Wright has been bodybuilding. Now he wants to help build a team of young people that reach for more than weights and peer acceptance to find their true strength in Jesus Christ.
By Jason Rhymer
Next Sunday most youth across the country will go to church and do the same routine youth group thing --- (yawn). Other teens will have a lot of fun, build muscle strength, get their heart beating good and grow closer to God. And- they’ll experience a kind of fellowship that you just don’t get by sitting in the church pew. Take a look at the extreme makeover that could be coming soon to a youth group near you.
By Linda Geldermann
I am the mother of 4 teenagers. It occurred to me that a lot of skin issues are affected by sport and fitness activities. I’ve discovered an approach to skin care that is effective for the active person and spiritually strengthening too.
By Dave Prowitz

Time to get outdoors for some exercise and have a blast. Dave Prowitz says, “I’ve always struggled with the idea of working out. As the director of adventure programming at a Christian retreat center, my position requires me to be physically fit.” Try these seven camp-tested summer workouts for guaranteed fun and spiritual growth.
By Stephen W. Simpson, Ph.D.
Fatherhood confounds most men at first. This leaves less time for exercise. If physical fitness is going to be part of your life you have to make it a priority. Psychologist and father of four, Stephen W. Simpson shares important lessons he has learned about fatherhood and fitness.
By Karol Ladd

Yikes! How long must the world be presented with the image of the crazed lunatic mother that loves Jesus at the expense of all others? We say – ENOUGH! Take a look at these moms who live physically, emotionally, and spiritually the way God intends. They experience joy, peace and more --- and their families do too.
By Jodi Knepper

Sweating and doing all those exercises in the gym can make you extremely self-conscious. Performer and trainer Lauren Lucille Garner shares her personal fitness experience and offers encouraging support to help you make positive choices and move forward with confidence.


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