By Paul Coughlin
Fitness teaches our children that pain may be scary but it isn't fatal. Children need to know how to take life-affirming risk and test their own metal. The sin of over-parenting produces weak, pliable, and small-souled children. The bad news – bullying is on the rise. The average bully targets the weak. The good news - helping our children stand up to bullying without falling down is easier than they realize.
By Eric Rodgers, ACE Certified Trainer, NASM FNS

Can you imagine seeing an older woman bench pressing weights or a young athletic man practicing his balance on a stability ball? We associate certain physical activities with certain age groups. But, your body is meant to be strong on five levels through several forms of training. Don’t limit yourself by limiting your mind. What can we learn from each other? The answers are here.

By Shiloe Steinmetz
Have you ever prayed, “Dear God, I just need more time!” Well, while you can’t get any more minutes or hours in a day for you and your family you can transform your schedule and make it healthier. It is time to get balance and build time-wellness with this 4-point strategy to gain STRONG TIME.
By Shane Freels

“That’s my boy!” There’s a bond between a father and a son that can be more powerful than any other relationship on earth. Maybe you have it, maybe you don’t. Either way, get active together and stay active together. You guys are a team. You need each other and the world needs you. Share your “Father-Son Active Lifestyle” photo for a chance to win.

By Erik DeLaRosa
There are more than just a few "Southwest Grills" in the Southwest. Houston, Texas has some of the best and not surprisingly some of the biggest obesity statistics in the nation. When Houston native Erik DeLaRosa decided to get in-shape he soon found that his passion became a second career leading others in health and fitness. His Latino background gives him a keen awareness of some of the challenges facing the Hispanic community. He shares how to lead by example in exercise, diet, faith and service. That example starts with the family.
An interview with Frank and Michelle Strong, U.S. Air Force and staff with Military Ministry

As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Frank Strong knows the importance of fitness. As a family, he and his wife Michelle have learned to draw on the greater strength of God. Their newest mission is to serve through Military Ministry and help families gain freedom through Christ to grow stronger.

Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Children who are 5 and younger love to be active with a courageous father. Exercising with child at this age is a great time to establish a good father/child workout routine. A small child can hang out with you almost anywhere you want to train.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Putting tools like a cell phone or car keys in your teen’s hands helps him or her to communicate and get to where he or she is going. Here are exercise ideas you can do with your teen. Give your teen the tools to be active, spiritually fulfilled and confident in you as a COURAGEOUS man.
By Lindsay Edwards, Ph.D.
When should your family get active and build a spiritual foundation to stay connected? Start today and do it for the rest of your life so that generations to come can experience the fullness of God’s plan for physical and spiritual strength. Exercise, eating well, rest and more are things you can do be healthy. Lindsay Edwards, Ph.D. examines the seven stages of a family to give you practical guidance for each phase of your family life.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Here are 5 top reasons guys don’t exercise. What are your excuses? Come on, wake up dad and get with it!


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