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The snow is here. Time to get out there and clear it away then play. Here is a winning winter workout that will help you shovel snow safely. Keep the fun, safety and the fitness going strong through all of this season's winter weather.

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CHARACTER STRENGTH Paul Anderson is known as the world's strongest man. But, God called him and his wife to have a much bigger legacy. Now, young men grow physically and spiritually in the shadow of a man who discovered how humbling yourself and raising up God's purpose is the greatest strength you can ever have.

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FAMILY FITNESS     Our family car is filled with golf clubs, sweaty team jerseys and the occasional unidentifiable food item. Going to the gym, a youth sports game or just about anywhere can lead to moments of frustration. Until recently. We've learned to plan for the moment - even anticipate it. You can too. Includes questions for family devotions and discussion.

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There is something about the beach that soothes the soul, connects hearts, gets the body in motion and clears the mind. Kelli Calabrese shares autumn beach activities your family will love.

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I picked up a rock and zinged it across the lake's glassy surface.  It skipped four times.  "Daaad!!!  That was awesome!  How did you do that?"  Aleck said. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and "quiet father" Anthony Tiller shares how to choose a training program to meet your goals and choose to listen to God.

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Dear mom, Thanks for all the hard work you do. The love and prayers you give make a big difference. Take time, relax and read special selections from two of our magazines – just for you! Special Mother's Day feature.

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Helping children be active and well takes effort and commitment. Parents need to be encouraged. That’s exactly what you’ll find here in the Fit For Kids section of Fit For Freedom ONLINE.

By Daniel Lovelace

Couples in your community can be Elite Trained, Elite Tested and Elite Proven. It isn’t part of a civilian training program sponsored by the Navy Seals or Green Beret. This is T4C and it could be coming to a church near you – your church!

By Matthew Barnett


Every year parents spend significant money for their children to have fun, get exercise, play sports and be entertained. But wonder if that cost is too great --- not just in money spent but in opportunities lost – for you and your children. Catch a vision to get active, serve others and live the dream that God has for you and your family.
An interview with Rusty and Julie Bulloch
The UP Television Network has an original reality series, Bulloch Family Ranch. We talked with Rusty and Julie Bulloch to learn more about their big family, their active lifestyle and how their faith in God impacts lives. They lay it all on the line and reveal their heart and soul. Includes a link to Julie’s recipes.


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