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Ted Cunningham built a ginormous farm table for his wife. A couple in their church prepared a multi-course meal serving a relaxing and high-end experience. Make mealtime healthy and fun. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or celebrity chef, you just have to commit to eating well with those close to you.

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If you think broken eggs on the floor can get you in a mess, wait until you see what “scrambling” will do. Your most important network is your family and those closest to you. Character Educator, Kimberly Bloom, shares how God uses RISK to shape these most intimate of relationships.

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Time to plan a summer vacation --- like no other! You've heard about fitness vacations. This is one you'll want to do again and again. Come on and check out what we have growing in our garden for you this season! BOOK YOUR RESERVATION TODAY.

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Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano do extreme calisthenics together. Watch them and you'll be amazed how creative they make fitness. Antoniette's life is amazing in another way. Her personal story of faith is rooted in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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Does your family get board with board games? What can you do? And, does Family fitness for your family simply mean that everyone is keeping active and healthy? See how it can be more when you take time together to have fun.

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Get your workout and healthy nutrition from one single family experience – gardening. Character Strength Department Editor, Kimberly Bloom tells you how and how rewarding it can be for both your family and friends.

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WOMEN'S INTEREST As we approached the start line you could feel the excitement. During the race my daughter was a brilliant light to others. Here's how you honor God with your fitness, skills and interactions with others.

TWIN CITIES EDITION  Dr. Teresa Brenke reminds us how important fruits and veggies are and gives us concrete action steps toward healthy eating through colorful foods!

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There are all kinds of intense training and race events for adults. We found one amazing program that is geared for youth AND it’s Christ-centered. Ally and Jeff Davidson’s CG Victory is serious adventure, no kidding!

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The snow is here. Time to get out there and clear it away then play. Here is a winning winter workout that will help you shovel snow safely. Keep the fun, safety and the fitness going strong through all of this season's winter weather.


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