By Eric Wrona

These days, first-class personal trainers know that in order to help their clients achieve their best they must incorporate all aspects of wellness. Are you getting the most from your fitness activities? Now you can learn to connect with “why” you are exercising in the first place with the passionate support of a Christ-Influenced Trainer.
By Brad Bloom
Where will you be in your faith and fitness journey a year from now? Will things be any better than they are now? Take a look at what factors are currently in place, consider some opportunities for growth then take the most important next step.
By Michael Mednick and Brad Bloom
Members of a personal training studio in the Surf City of Huntington Beach, Califronia catch the wave of a new wellness initiative that blends faith with fitness. It is an example of the rising tide of fitness professionals who are pioneering advances in fitness ministry.
By Brad Bloom with segments adapted from the book Bod4God

Tired of lifting and carrying all that extra weight that you don’t want or need? Join with others who are finding they can transform their body into a better example of what God intended for them. It is happening at churches everywhere. Your church could be the next place where people come to lose more than weight and gain more than eternal life.
by Ben Young

Too busy to exercise? We thought so. Too busy to practice your faith? Not good! Fortunately, Ben Young has outlined four easy to read and apply power moves that will give you energy to get both your fitness lifestyle and faith walk in order – pronto.
By Jeanette Hill and Brad Bloom
The popular culture expression “Everything is big in Texas” certainly holds true at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston. But, truth be told they are one of a growing list of larger churches that are creating extensive fitness facilities for better ministry. They are helping people discover that churches are the new place for active living and social networking.
Brad Bloom's picture
The church talks a lot about God being the “creator” but are they unwilling to be used by God to create fresh and innovative ways for people to get active and live life to the fullest? Brad Bloom, founder of Faith & Fitness Magazine delivers a hard-hitting assessment of the church and offers an inspiring look into the direction Christians can and will shape culture.
By Rob Killen
If you go to church read this and discover the growing trend to use fitness to create exciting to-capacity daily ministry. If you don't go to church this may be the "church experience" for which you've been waiting.
Brad Bloom's picture
By Brad Bloom
One summer day I was running for exercise when I came upon a garden and collection of eight college students tending it. We talked and the smiles we shared confirmed we were in agreement in our social perspectives. Yet we had more in common than that. The garden space had become our all-natural worship location.
By Our Whole Community, Incorporated Leadership Team
Imagine a Gold’s Gym, YMCA, community recreation center and personal training studio all working together daily. It is unlikely such a scenario could ever work. Yet one central Florida community has pioneered new territory in the world of fitness through the collaborative efforts of four churches. The result is improved health in the lives of members and a shining example that churches can work together using fitness ministry.


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