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Fried food is a staple in the American diet and has become an even bigger staple in African America homes across America. While it is not the healthiest choice, many cannot turn down a fried feast. Are you an addict?

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It has been said that African American men prefer women with a little bit more meat on their bones than some other American cultures. Does this idea contribute to the obesity epidemic amongst African American women?

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Atlanta based Enliven Magazine is merging with Faith & Fitness Magazine to form a new Enliven Department that will provide an ever fresh and relevant collection of multiethnic faith and fitness resources.

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By Constance Brown-Riggs - Celebrate the rich history of Black History by learning about some of the cultures traditional, healthy foods.Understand how to incoporate the use of colors, spices and fresh foods to make a change towards healthier living.

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By Arian Moore - As a grandmother, Ruby Carter-Pikes tells her story of transforming her life and becoming a fitness model. She gives nutrition, exercise and Biblical advice for all wanting to live healthier lifestyles.

By Miya Miles

Diet and exercise should be all you need to lose weight. Right? I tried and it wasn’t working. Then my doctor suggested something more drastic. With the risk of diabetes looming I had a tough decision to make and I wasn’t certain what choice was right. I was however confident of two things: I wanted to gain a healthier life and I knew God would guide me.

By Tanji Johnson

Fitness personality Tanji Johnson shares about staying positive during injury, “My body was in shock so I was not sure exactly what was injured. I knew, however, that I was in a very familiar place. I may have been a broken athlete but certainly not a broken spirit.”
By Randy Stewart
From standing on the corner of Winslow, AZ we are approximately 35 miles north in Dilkon on the Navajo reservation amidst many mesas and butte formations shaped like pyramids and chimneys. The eye can vastly see over seventy-five miles to Mt. Humphreys in Flagstaff at 12,633 feet creating a grandeur of mountainous range as the sun breaks the horizon.


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