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An interview with Sean and Michelle Clark, by Arian Moore, Enliven Department Editor

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Summer is mid-year and many find they are extremely bored with their workouts. Some who started out strong in January are now barely exercising once a week. Talk about a rut! One way to get back on track is to find a fitness pal. I was most motivated when my husband and I were working out together because he pushed me and it was also a way to spend time together.

Another way to spice up your workout is to try a new exercise. Play time was fun when we were kids. We loved kick ball, dodge ball, jump rope, skating and  riding our bikes. Perhaps rediscovering some of these activities might make fitness more enjoyable. Let's first discuss finding a workout partner.

There are so many benefits to working out with a partner. From accountability to motivation, working out with someone else helps many maintain their workouts. Partners are also able to motivate one another or even carry on friendly competitions.

A healthy marriage should be the goal for every married couple but often times we neglect the physical aspect. Our physical fitness affects our emotional health and endurance which are two elements that can greatly influence a marriage. Furthermore, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your life can reduce stress and result in a better life outlook, positively affecting your life and the marriage. Working out together as a couple provides a means  to spend quality time while enjoying the benefits of physical activity. Recently I interviewed a married couple that have figured out a way to make fitness together a way of life and a business. Sean and Michelle Clark are owners of Double Dutch Aerobics, offering double clutch classes.

Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously. -Wikipedia

These classes combine the child like joy of double dutch with aerobic exercises such as push-ups and mountain climbs. Sean is a Master Double Dutch Instructor and Michelle is a Double Dutch World Champion. Some (myself included) are intimidated by the thought of double dutch. In elementary school I was one of those kids that ever really got it but Sean and Michelle guarantee that between them and their team, they can teach anyone to double dutch in less than a minute. And don't doubt the fitness intensity of these workouts, participants can expect to burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories per class. Here are details from my interview with Michelle:

Arian: What is your fitness story? 

Michelle: We were both into sports our entire lives. When we met and became a couple, I was teaching spin classes and Sean was playing on a Semi Pro football team. 

Arian: How did the idea of Double Dutch Aerobics come about? 

Michelle: I learned to jump Double Dutch at 4 years old (Street style). I joined a team called Jammin Jumpers in the 3rd grade (professional) and I learned all aspects of Double Dutch. My love didn't ever go away even as an adult. So the idea was always in me head, my husband saw that I could teach anyone in less than 1 min and told me I must start. We started a class the next week and the audience pushed us to continue. 

Arian: Has your faith in God played a part in your quest for fitness and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle? 

Michelle: Yes, building a business from scratch has it challenges but through our conversations with God we know for sure that this is our mission to spread health and fitness along with love and joy.

Arian: How does working together as husband and wife benefit your relationship? 

Michelle: We love one another so the fact that we get to work together is just a bonus. Some of the biggest components to being married is love and accountability. We are team and having a healthy, loving relationship is so important to us. Working out together keeps us on the path to achieving our ultimate goal. We will not only be around for each other, but we want to see our kids grow, grandkids and who knows, maybe even our great grandkids. Working out and eating healthy together, is a constant reminder that we are doing all that we can, to love as long as we can on this earth together. 

Arian: What expertise do you each bring individually to the program? 

Michelle: I have jumped Double Dutch the majority of my life and I am a world champion. Sean is a visionary so besides becoming an expert in Double Dutch himself, his vision and business skill has brought us to new heights.  Beyond fitness we are also entrepreneurs running a full time business. Sean has owned businesses in the past so his expertise on the business aspect of Double Dutch Aerobics is phenomenal. Sean created  the  "In the Ropes tour"  he films and edits our videos. We now distribute " The Perfect Double Dutch Ropes " because of him and  we teach at prisons. He had a vision for that and made it happen. 

For more information on Double Dutch Aerobics you can follow them on social media @DoubleDutchAerobics or visit them online at 



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