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By Elisabeth Bloom

First, before I start talking about all the benefits of running with your kids or someone you love, I would like to begin by saying color runs are awesome. Why are they awesome? For all of you that have already participated in a color run the reasons are obvious. For those of you who haven’t, get ready I’m going to share my awesome experience.


I have run three color runs, two in the day and one at night. All three of them were equally fun. However, I will say the one I ran with my three-year-old was my favorite. The morning of the race we got our crisp and clean white shirts on, she wore a purple tutu, I then put our rad tattoos on. The tattoo in itself made her day awesome already. When we got to our race location I decided that I would put her in a stroller in case she got tired. As I pushed her toward the start line she began to hear the music, see color on the sidewalk and many people. Excited would be an understatement, she was ecstatic. Before the race started I decided to let her have some color throwing practice. I opened a bag of blue powder and tossed a little on her. Instantly her face lit up. I gave her the bag and every time she tossed a little out she would giggle too. That made it worth it right there.

We were ready to begin the race now. She was a rainbow of colors already and had no problem throwing color on everyone around her. After about three minuets of pushing her in the stroller, she was ready to run. I unbuckled her and off she went. Joy and happiness was emanating off her. My little girl was in her element, running as fast as her legs could go, throwing color on everyone, raising her hands to the sky, signing and laughing the whole time.


I wasn’t the only one who felt this glee roll of her. Every person she passed felt this too. They would laugh, smile and encourage her. In those moments she was everything God loves. Happy, kind, joyful, full of love and free. She was praising God the way it seems that a child can do best, and it was beautiful. My little gal wasn’t judging others. She wasn’t looking for bad things. She was there in that moment loving every person around her.

I didn’t think she would be able to run more than a mile, but she proved me wrong and ran nearly all of the 5k. It was impressive and she finished with vigor. She really ran quite brilliantly.

Running this 5k with my daughter was a wonderful experience. It was fun, different, physically challenging and emotionally uplifting. We both gained a fond memory of being together. It was also a great opportunity to be a light among the masses.






Sometimes Christians shy away from events that are not Christian-based. I kind of get it… I know that it can be scary to challenge our faith muscles, that the thought of opening the door to evil is legitimately scary. No Christian wants to freely let Satan into their life. That being said, I do not think Christians should shy away from events like a color run because they have historical connections to another faith.

Instead I think you should put on the armor of God, protect your heart and run with all of his children. Don’t be afraid of people just because they don’t believe in Jesus. Honor God by looking at this as an opportunity to be a light to others. Run with your church, family and friends. Make a team and run for someone in need, some ministry or some cause. Personally get sponsors and then give the money directly to the people who need it. Run for a brilliant cause and run for Jesus.

Elisabeth and her friend Cierra are featured on the cover of the April/May 2015 cover of Faith & Fitness Magazine.

Satan would want you to think that he has won and that you cannot and should not participate in a run like this. Please laugh at Satan. He is not bigger than God. Just as one little girl, my daughter, was able to show love, kindness and joy to others, you can too. Trust God, have faith in Him and praise him while you run.

Do your 5k color run for God. Choose to run and have fun!


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    Elisabeth Bloom Collins is our Social Relationship Manager. She does both theater and television acting. Her main performance though is being a wife and mother to two girls. She keeps active in a variety of ways including running and other outdoor activities like gardening for tasty meals and fresh baked pies.

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