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By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor

Here’s a fun program that is perfect for short attention spans and anyone that needs a lot of variety in their workouts.  “HIIT It In 16” means High Intensity Interval Training with 16 different exercises in 2016! We have put the 16 exercises in 8 opposing pairs, such as lower body/upper body, left side/right side, or core strength/cardio.  Perform each pair for exactly 5 minutes (timer required).

You will perform each pair for 5 reps each, alternating back and forth.  If 5 reps become too hard, do 4 reps of each, but keep the number of reps the same for each.   You may even drop to 1 or 2 reps as time is winding down.  Rest only 30 seconds to a minute between each pairing.  After 5 minutes, tally up your reps, and move to the next pairing.  Each time you repeat this workout, your goal is simple...beat your numbers and do more work in the same 5 minute period! By the 3rd or 4th time you repeat this, you will really have to hustle! 

A1) Push-ups

A2) Squats

B1) Plank Jacks

B2) Jumping Jacks

C1) Left Row

C2) Right Row

D1) Left Lunge

D2) Right Lunge

E1) Heels to Heaven

E2) Russian Twists

F1) Mountain Climbers

F2) Flutter Kicks & Dollies

G1) Push Press

G2) Stability Ball Leg Curls

H1) Burpees

H2) Full Court Sprint (1)


Watch this short video for all of the details on each movement:



Please post your questions or comments below or you can email me directly Jason@faithandfitness.net

Send us a video of you doing this workout for a chance to win.

Live with strength!

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    Jason Rhymer is the Training Department Editor of Faith & Fitness Magazine. He is the High School Youth "Guy" at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC and the Clergy Health Fitness Coordinator for the Clergy Health Institute through Pfeiffer University. Jason leads bootcamps and personal training sessions in Charlotte, NC, and has trained ages 5 to 90 over his 15 year career.

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