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Becky is big into CrossFit. In fact she and her husband do ministry to help network and support those who own a CrossFit and want to do Christian ministry too called Faith Rx’d (more about that in another Faith & Fitness Magazine article). With that kind of a background it is no wonder that her favorite arm exercise is a Hand Stand Push Up.

Get her talking about the importance of training in your relationship with God and she has some important things to share:

Spiritual training is similar to physical training. We have our days we are proud of, days we would rather forget, but the goal is to grow in our relationship with God.  Here are a few training tips adapted from the "Athlete New Testament" at 

1.  Communicate with the Coach: Read the bible every day to hear what God has to say to you and pray to Him, asking for forgiveness, giving him thanks, or just talking about what's on your mind.  

2. Get to the gym. There are no garage gym Christians.  Working out in a group pushes you to grow, and attending a Bible teaching church will help you do the same spiritually.

3.  Keep a log.  Start and journal and keep track of the questions you have, the things you're learning and praying about.  Soon you'll be able to see your spiritual growth occur.

4.  Remember the goal.  We go to the gym so we can do more outside of the gym.  Functional spiritual fitness is important too, a faith in God that is displayed in everything we say and do in our lives. 

She says, “As a games level CrossFit athlete and a professional athlete in the National Pro Fitness League, I serve the Lord with the talents he has given me.  Competition is a form of worship, and when I compete for His glory I know it honors the Lord (Col 3:23-24).  I also am passionate about Faith Rx'd, I ministry I co-founded to unite and equip our fitness community to LIVE, SHARE and SERVE Christ. “


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