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She is the wife to Erik (you can read his blog postings here in Faith & Fitness Magazine) and the mother to “two amazing kids”. When she’s not working those arms in the gym she using them to do some good.

Jamie says, “Ive always hated training arms. That is mainly because I didn't like how my arms looked. But I really dove in this last couple of months and was set on making a noticeable change. And I did. I loved it when I started seeing definition in my bi and tri. I think the reason it was always a lagging body part is because I never dug in and trained them hard.”

Beyond taking time with her daughter to have fun washing the car, Jamie’s active serving others. She explains, “I like to use fitness to lift others. A lot of people starting a healthy lifestyle can get discouraged. I like to be the cheerleader - Let them know they can do it and share tricks I’ve learned that makes things easier. I get excited when new people sign up for a nutrition plan with my husband. When they get discouraged or tired, I like to be there to help pick them up and help them continue. After all, It's not just about how your body transforms on the outside but also the person you become on the inside throughout the journey.”


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