By Rob Killen and Brad Bloom
Fix your eyes on one beautiful body. No, we’re not talking about an actor, model or athlete from the People’s Choice Awards. We’re talking about the “body of Christ” --- Christians. Today, Christians know that worship is much more than singing praise songs. It is a total physical experience. Discover why church’s are developing fitness ministries and opening fitness facilities and why you should do it too. Get a free church fitness consultation.
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Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Rob Killen
Some kids kick, box and fight in protest when going to church with mom and dad. David Dise just went – and then he quit. But God didn’t quit on him. Today, David manages the ROC Fight Club in Richmond, Virginia helping youth and adults learn how to punch and kick people in the name of Christ --- and a whole lot more.
By Brad Bloom
Today, more than ever before there are more fitness options. There are the large big box clubs, community centers, low-cost gyms and specialty facilities. How many gyms in your community provide serious support to meet the spiritual needs of members with the Christian faith? You can bring the next big fitness trend to your city. It’s time to think BIG.
Every Body Matters is the personal growth book by bestselling author Gary Thomas. It offers a fresh perspective on how physical fitness directly impact your spiritual growth. Every Body Matters ONLINE has been developed by Faith & Fitness Magazine to provide a variety of resources and the Every Body Matters Fitness Progarm for individuals and groups.
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The church talks a lot about God being the “creator” but are they unwilling to be used by God to create fresh and innovative ways for people to get active and live life to the fullest? Brad Bloom, founder of Faith & Fitness Magazine delivers a hard-hitting assessment of the church and offers an inspiring look into the direction Christians can and will shape culture.


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