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Can Christians live out the Great Commission if they are not well and fit? The stats are saying no. MissionFiT is a ministry that restores health to people so they can live life to the fullest. Read how they can support your church and church leadership.

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Expand your church influence outside the walls of your building with a garden ministry. This fresh expression of church can be a versatile, practical and welcoming space to build community physically and spiritually.

This is the story of two Catholic priests being a witness for Christ helping priests to eat clean, be fit, and pray well. It is a Fitser Upper story that can inspire all of us to come together to support and love each other. Being connected and having awareness is not enough. God calls every person to reach out and tell those around them – You are not alone. READ ALL 5 PAGES.

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Every Easter season, church leaders realize 'this is the really big one'. Let’s get ‘em in here while the getting is good. But, practically every church I visit that has a fitness ministry has barriers in place to keep people OUT and discourage members from bringing people IN. What's the chance someone would workout with you or enjoy a healthy meal with you? Pretty good IF you invite them.

Every Thursday evening dancers meet at church for a sweat-dripping workout and a uniquely blended dance class that incorporates hip hop, jazz and contemporary. It's hard hitting and spunky. These girls are growing physically and spiritually stronger as they make the dance steps their prayer to God.

Chad Kirchoff built a successful business. Then he discovered God wanted to use him to build something more. He realized it was time to ReDO Fitness.Now it's time to see what you can do too.

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When Kyle and Christie Duque decided to open a fitness center in Lynden, Washington they wanted to do much more than simply provide members in their community a place to exercise. 

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Faith and fitness are interrelated. You can see how at West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia. See an example of what faith and fitness looks like in the church. Then consider what it can look like in YOUR church.

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The David Barton Gym Limelight known as the Cathedral Of Sweat may be New York’s most righteous (or totally awesome) gym. They’re recognized for their retrofit of a historic church building.  They foreshadow a look and feel for fitness ministries where faith and fitness are integrated into one fantastic experience.

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CHURCH FITNESS Since Rick Warren launched the Daniel Plan in 2011 his Saddleback Church has lost thousands of pounds. Many pastors have found physical fitness is an important ministry. See what happens when your church leaders start preaching fitness.


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