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Senegalese House Salad

The Senegalese House Salad is a traditional salad and a safe way to get started for the beginner. Whole cherry tomatoes make preparation easy. As you see in the video on the first page, 'building' this salad by the plate is a good way to create a consistent looking salad for each of your guests. As with all of our salad recipes you're encouraged to try variations and design your own signature salads.

Build each plate individually

Iceburg Lettuce

Cucumbers (slices)

Cherry tomatoes (whole)

Carrots (shredded or grated)

Red Onion (slivered)

Bell Peppers

Garlic (fresh chopped)

Lemon Pepper-Lime Vinaigrette


About Chef Yvonne Howard:

Chef Yvonne Howard is the owner of Mor Diallo Teranga Restaurant

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Page 1: Introduction – We celebrate the summer, you can too.

Page 2: Senegalese House Salad – Chef Yvonne Howard

Page 3: Greek Salad – Chef Nick Semertzides

Page 4: Afro-Summer Salad – Chef Anthony Jordan



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