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TWIN CITIES EDITION A brave woman discovers how endurance in the gym presses her to endure in her faith! 

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Silent agreements are present in our everyday lives. How many have you made and how do they affect your faith journey and physical fitness?

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CHARACTER STRENGTH Paul Anderson is known as the world's strongest man. But, God called him and his wife to have a much bigger legacy. Now, young men grow physically and spiritually in the shadow of a man who discovered how humbling yourself and raising up God's purpose is the greatest strength you can ever have.

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YMCA FOCUS     Ryan Carmen had struggled with obesity for almost as long as he could remember. Then one day he chose to use his Y membership and pursue change. All it cost him was $1. What he gained was a new opportunity to Be Life to others.

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Ever been to a rave? You might want to if you want to see how a person’s Christian faith and physical fitness can influence culture. DJ Armin van Buuren’s large music party features Lauren Evans in a live performance that is electrified.

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Paramedic Nate Drake and his coworkers are strong. As a team they’re stronger. Yet, the perfect strength for the toughest job isn’t built at the gym or made by group planning. Far from self-confidence find something more fragile and strong.

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The church pianist arched her back for the opening hymn. The man in the pew didn’t miss one movement. Lust can be obvious or not. It can be workaholism, absorption in hobbies, desire to please others and more.  Make lust good – give it to God.



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The Fit for Freedom Positive Changes Guide offers easy to implement tips and tools to develop healthy freedom in Christ in areas of diet, exercise, attitude and faith.

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By Kimberly Bloom, Character Strength Department Editor  Imagine having that body you’ve always dreamed of having. What would you do with it? What would it get you? Whether you’re casually into fitness or a serious bodybuilder you need to build character so that you can shine in your moment of glory.

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We’re all human and we’re all uniquely made --- “in the image of God”. But what do you do when you see someone who is more unique than you are used to seeing? Do you respect them less or at least not stare? Here is a story about fashion photographer Rick Guidotti and his non-profit Positive Exposure that will help you really see others differently. Take it to heart and you’ll get a better view of God and you. Get exposed now to the beauty of others.


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