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If you think broken eggs on the floor can get you in a mess, wait until you see what “scrambling” will do. Your most important network is your family and those closest to you. Character Educator, Kimberly Bloom, shares how God uses RISK to shape these most intimate of relationships.

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  I participated in my first Spartan Race with a group from our church. I needed this race. It changed my life. How? Well check it out - God gave me seven major takeaways from being a Spartan.



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David Boudia and Steele Johnson won silver at the Rio Olympic Games. David's book, Greater Than Gold, tells his inspiring journey from lost to found. Now inspired by faith and fired by a new purpose, Boudia is ready to see how God writes his future.

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Character is a big word challenging us toward significance in heart, purpose and commitment. But do you hide the character qualities God wants you to share with others? I did. I’m on a spirit, soul and body journey to get into character. Join me.

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Colonel Thomas Hundley has an unyielding passion to serve his country, his fellow men and women in uniform and above all else, God, his heavenly father. 

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The Masked Saint, the movie is in theaters January 8, 2016. Take a closer look into the lives of Brett Granstaff, the producer and main character and Pastor Chris Whaley, the person on whom the book and movie are based. See how they connect faith with fitness and how each interprets the message of, “PAUSE/PLAY”.

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If you want a truly fit life, you’ve got to get into the habit of sacrifice at the alter. Learn how to create the space and start doing it today!

Twin Cities Edition Nobody wants to identify with living a mediocre life. But, ask yourself how you are demonstrating leadership in your circles. Take your physical strength and God-given passion to lead strongly every day.

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CHARACTER STRENGTH Creative and colorful fitness can begin with an energizing family run in the park and then go much further. When you learn to color outside the lines, God defines exercise and faith through memorable adventures both simple and grand. Parents and caregivers should not limit the impact that they have in helping children explore their physical beings by helping them move beyond the boundaries.

TWIN CITIES EDITION How could losing over 100 pounds change your life and even SAVE your life? 
Minnesota based Crown College Bible professor, Dennis Ingolfsland tells his story of losing weight and finding his life again.


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