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Why wait until the middle of February

for your fitness resolution to wane?

Today is January 13th. But, it’s not Friday the 13th.  So, there’s no need to let any superstitions come into play and have any bearing on what you already have set in motion. And- what is likely trending already is a swing away from hopeful commitments back toward daily demands and routines. Yes, it’s happening. Like gravity, the pull back to your former reality from your lofty ambitions is strong.

So, Tuesday the 13th is a good day to hit the breaks hard for a moment, get jolted, slow down and regain control. Quit racing with all your toys and distractions. An intense year ended not too long ago. Have you paused from the drive, regained focus, dialed things back and quit making so much noise? Or instead do you find yourself already pushing harder, working deals, packing your agenda and giving total control to that spirit that is out of control?

In the current issue of Faith & Fitness Magazine we’ve introduced the Back To Basics Fitness Program. Ok, fine ---- another fitness program, just what you need right?!  I’ll be the first to admit that you won’t find anything surprisingly new in it. There is no rocket science here.  In fact it is quite basic. It helps you review the basics of exercise, faith and nutrition. Thus the title, “Back To Basics”.

Nearly midway through January is a good time for you to grab hold of some simple truths, employ essential practices and attach your day to fundamental principles. Don’t let this be the YOU-show this year. Be other-minded. Be persistent in keeping God central – every day – every moment. Basic? Yes, and certainly the most progressive thing you can let happen in your life this year. Make today a super transition to God’s best year for you yet.


1. Examine your own life by discussing with a family member or friend today what you’ve been doing so far this year. Dig deep and identify challenges and opportunities.

2. Before you access our free Back To Basics Fitness Program think about and write what you feel are the top five basics of exercise, faith and nutrition. There is no right or wrong answer, but you need to think about how you can keep the basics central to your regular daily living.

3. Do it with someone! This week don’t just exercise, eat and practice your faith alone. Intentionally, do it with a friend, relative and someone who is simply an acquaintance. Do these three basic activities WITH three different kinds of human contacts. Open yourself to the experience and the opportunity to be life to others.

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