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My journey of fitness and faith has been a crazy one that I heel to toe every single day.  I believe that it can be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes I walk this path slowly, and other times I can stride it out in a strong 6-minute mile pace.  As I push through physical barriers of strength and endurance that comes with the training, I have found a way to tap into my mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles.  This ability is one that only comes with time and practice.  Once I am in this state of peace and serenity I’m able to apply these principles to all areas of my life.  When I began to understand that our truth comes from within, then I began to start really understanding my identity and the spirit within.  Outside struggles are no match for the everlasting grace of the Holy Spirit that burns inside us all. 

I used to live in a place of regret.  This place is a lonely one that is known by so many.  My “normal” was sitting at a bar most of nights after work and weekends that could stretch into the morning hours.  Breaking my back with a DUI, broken relationships, and my strongest will could not stop me from continuing on this road of destruction.  It wasn’t until I got sober and turned my will and my life over to God that miraculous events took place.  I was able to humbly ask God to remove my shortcomings and I became willing to do the necessary steps to move forward.  Today I am the fittest, spiritually and physically, that I have ever been. I have a loving family, a Second Chance gym getting ready to open, a patented fitness product and I am working with a company called DailyBurn developing a 12-week fitness program for in-home use.   God continues to give me a bigger stage.  So, I plan on using it to impact as many people as I can, one day at a time!

Become vulnerable and step into your God-given truth.

His light will reveal the “second chances” all around you.

Miracles do happen, and I am living proof of just how God can change lives.  The unbelievable love I have for my wife and three children has come from having God at the core of it all.  Through the struggles of it all there is always hope.  This fire of hope and deeper understanding is available to each and every one of us.  Until we “let go and let God”, becoming vulnerable and knocking down the walls that were built by the lies of society and others, we will not step into our God given truth, our true purpose on this earth.

When we peer through the blinds of regret we stay closed off from the reality that lies within us all.  As long as we stay in that place of darkness...waiting... quietly hanging onto false hope we will go nowhere.  The light of God can shine bright enough to mend any broken road we crated.   This is the truth that knows no boundaries, the love that will always prevail, and the hope that leads to the first step.  This key that unlocks the door is found in the journey of faith.  Once this door is open, the light that shines through begins to reveal that Second Chances are all around us.  As our hearts become vulnerable, we let go, and the Holy Spirit starts a blaze and unleashes this supernatural healing that restores peace and serenity. It can light up any darkness known to man on any corner of this earth.  Breath deep… now exhale and step into that river of grace and hope... the water is fine...

Unlock the truth within. 

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    Ben Booker is an International Fitness Cover Model and travels the U.S. as a motivational speaker. He is the creator of the Razor Hybrid and has founded the fitness company Second Chance Lifestyle.

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