ReDO Fitness. Yes it's a church! Yes it's a fitness center! Yes it's different!  There are thousands of people out there right now who are willing to walk through the doors of a fitness center, but will never be willing to walk through the doors of a traditional church. How can Christians connect with them? Invite them to ReDO. This is thinking outside of the box. This is a creative way to reach fitness minded people with faith. That is what ReDO is all about. 

ReDO is a church that reaches people differently than your typical church building. It's a community of believers who are intentionally doing life together, working out together, worshiping together, communing together, and serving together. You can walk into ReDO and lift weights, run on the treadmill, attend a small group, or participate in worship. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, lives will be changed  - body, mind, soul, and spirit! Through the power of Jesus, church CAN be different. 


Many church ministries get started because someone has a passion. With ReDO fitness, that person is Chad Kirchoff.  After being a successful entrepreneur—being co-founder of the Snap Fitness franchise industry—he sold out his half of a partnership in answer to his higher calling: pastoral ministry. Chad focused his energies—amidst his ministry studies—on the idea of melding both spiritual and physical fitness in one venue. 

It is Chad's dream to create a safe haven for nurturing relationships with other members and with God. At ReDO fitness a member will be able to ask questions, be encouraged, receive guidance, learn about saving Grace—all, while also learning how to become physically fit, in a non-judgmental environment.ADVERTISEMENT

The Mission: Faith Fitness — Reach beyond walls and barriers to inspire spiritual and physical fitness.

The Vision: It's about second chances — the transformation of minds, hearts and bodies with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Business Ministry Core Values.

1. Faith — called for discipleship, 2.  Fitness — created for physical wellness, 3. Family — adopted into God’s family, 4. Friends — connected for enduring relationships




ReDO combines an upper-end fitness center and a contemporary missional church model into a “Church with Muscle”. Together the result is one of SECOND CHANCES. Transform minds, hearts and bodies with the power of God’s Spirit.

Traditional fitness center represents a community meeting place where relationships are cultivated and physical workout help people to become physically healthier. 

Contemporary missional church is an alternative to a traditional worship setting. The Bible and His sacraments do not change, but the missional setting may change.

Franchising Model represents fast growth in the business world. It also is the most cost-effective method of cloning a business/ministry concept. 


ReDO fitness sites are led and operated by lay leaders and/or commissioned ministers. All sites will be under the supervision of a called pastor whose mission is to reach beyond the walls and barriers to inspire spiritual and physical fitness.

Church volunteers are integrated into the ReDO fabric. These committed disciples are engaged in the community and find fulfillment in nourishing Christ-centered relationships in their family, their neighborhood, their work, their school, and their social structure.


Want to do ReDO? Contact Chad at ReDO Fitness and be prepared to create a fitness experience and church community with a difference.


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