For most people running the 26.2 mile distance (42.2k) of a marathon is a big undertaking. Pushing someone that entire distance would require you to expand your range --- of physical ability, determination and your own personal motives. Now do 9 marathons and a lot of other racing events and you’ll start to get an idea of how Gene Carter has learned to stretch further. This is a story to get you inspired then get you pushing yourself to believe for something more. Use the PUSH YOURSELF tool to set your own goals and create your own story.
By Charles G. Oakes, PhD

Will's woodworking gave him a deep abiding sense of God’s purpose in his life. He began an exercise program to birth that purpose. Today’s “Greatest Generation,” has come of age. Dr Oakes shares how you can find that youth ‘gene’rating quality --- purpose.
By Ken Paul Mink
Instead of giving the old guy a break, the opposing college basketball teams started targeting me when I came into games. They apparently did not want the embarrassment of a 73-year-old scoring against them. Ken Mink shares how being the world's oldest college basketball player at age 73 gives him the opportunity to live his faith. The journey brought much change in his life.
By Bob Markowski and Ralph Haynes, Introduction by Phil Black

The devastating fires of October 2007 in Southern California scarred thousands of acres and thousands of lives. Sure--- strength training and bodybuilding are often nothing more than self-indulgent vanity. But take a look at these firefighters and see how their physical fitness coupled with spiritual passion create a perfect combination for unquenchable service. Will you put your life on the line too?
“It’s not just my body that’s stiff, it’s my attitude.” Sharon Pankhurst vividly describes the physical and spiritual condition many of us live daily. “I could have stayed stubborn but I knew the only person who could make changes was me.” Are you ready to make changes?


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