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When I turned 50 my life was a roller coaster, and I did not know where to start first. I learned the importance of leaning on God. Anita, Bob, Jane and Mike are all 50 or older. Their stories will reassure you that our oldest years are our boldest years.  SHARE YOUR STORY to be featured as our "5th story".  When you do you could win some FREE training from our 50+ Department Editor, Dino Nowak.

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There are five dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. But for Melia and many like her who are overweight and in a wheelchair, being well means getting out – out of the wheelchair, the depression, and the limits of doing things usual. Dance is a creative gift from God and it’s redefining fitness.

MEN'S INTEREST Do you believe in miracles? Think they can happen today? If one happened in your life would you dare tell others about it? Wayne found that being in your best physical condition isn’t good enough when you need a miracle. When you get one don’t keep it to yourself.

TWIN CITIES EDITION How could losing over 100 pounds change your life and even SAVE your life? 
Minnesota based Crown College Bible professor, Dennis Ingolfsland tells his story of losing weight and finding his life again.

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The Boomer generation has driven a lot of changes and trends in the fitness industry. I predict that as they get older we'll see even bigger shifts especially in the emerging area of brain and body fitness. Let me introduce you to SGPT - Small Group Personal Training.  It combines the best of group exercise and personal training.

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Have you heard the Bible verse, I am weak but He is strong? Good to show our dependence on God but older adults can’t use it as an excuse. Do a functional assessment then get moving.

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 By Linda Grassa  - At what age do you say, “I better not do that.” When you set cautious standards for yourself, fear becomes disabling. Let right thinking begin today. Don’t separate God from aging. Make the things you’d like to try become everyday activities.

By Greg Hansen

Are you frustrated with all the changes and uncertainty in insurance these days? Get the assurance you want from a God that is bigger than your greatest risks. Invest in your physical body with exercise, good nutrition and life balance. Then make certain your faith is solid and growing.

By Steve Collins
Do you ever feel like you have the desire, knowledge, and passion to be more effective in your service to others and God, but you just lack the energy? That was the predicament of O.A. Fish, a retired Eastern Airlines pilot who founded South Mountain Christian Camp in the 70’s. For years he prayed that God would heal his body from poor health, but the answer he received surprised him.

For most people running the 26.2 mile distance (42.2k) of a marathon is a big undertaking. Pushing someone that entire distance would require you to expand your range --- of physical ability, determination and your own personal motives. Now do 9 marathons and a lot of other racing events and you’ll start to get an idea of how Gene Carter has learned to stretch further. This is a story to get you inspired then get you pushing yourself to believe for something more. Use the PUSH YOURSELF tool to set your own goals and create your own story.


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