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I enjoy the smell of soil. Fred Bahnson, Director of the Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative at Wake Forest University School of Divinity explores gardening from a very active and sacred perspsective.  His book, Soil And Sacrament can help transform how you exercise, eat and live your faith.

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Physical fitness and spiritual wellness are at record lows. Yet virtual anti-social play is at an all time high. Take a look at where all the pretending has gotten us. We look at social distractions, the fitness and bodybuilding culture AND the church community. Past obsessive egos and the spiritually fluffy, God’s reality is bigger than life.

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What causes us to start our own personal quest for fitness with such high hopes only to give up a few weeks later? Trainer and coach Tabitha Sierra tackles your training fantasies with powerful truths that will get you on track to God’s greater fitness reality for you.

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Chaplaincy-training programs at Y’s equip staff and members to live their faith daily in practical ways to meet the individual and personal needs of others. See how you can get the training and be life.

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Teena Henson's amazing weight loss gained public attention in 2014 through reports from CNN and others. These reports mentioned the faith component of her story, but Teena has much more to share. Read here about her faith in God from the beginning days of her transformation through to today and how it shapes her physical and spiritual fitness.

Sure you can get Faith & Fitness Magazine on your laptop, tablet or phone in California, Maine, Georgia or any other state. But did you know you can also get it in Ghana too.  That's Ghana, West Africa. A group of motivated Christians aren't just reading it there, they are answering God's call to do fitness ministry. Get your global mindset activated and check this out.

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How do you find the motivation to exercise? Does it come easily for you or do you have a myriad of reasons why you can’t? Scott O. Roberts, Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at William Jessup University shows how Christ’s death and resurrection can transform how you do fitness.

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Have you found that the life after Holiday's is even more stressful than Holiday prep and planning? Read this article to get tips and tools on stress management.

“It’s not just my body that’s stiff, it’s my attitude.” Sharon Pankhurst vividly describes the physical and spiritual condition many of us live daily. “I could have stayed stubborn but I knew the only person who could make changes was me.” Are you ready to make changes?
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