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The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference brings together hundreds of writers for fellowship and to grow opportunities for Christian influence in today's culture.  Check out how some of them get active and celebrate the glory of God.

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What do you do when things look a little off? For the longest time I ignored it. That was a bad strategy that led to big problems. We all love a good fixer upper story. This is one that talks about spiritual renovation.

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Hey, I’m Jez, and I live in London, the capital of the United Kingdom and home to more than 8 million people. Many challenges face our city including stress, obesity, alcoholism and more. As a Christian fitness trainer I'm working to improve the gym culture in our city and help people discover that they are loved by God.

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Getting fit has been on your list of things to do for as long as you can remember but you just don’t have the time. Concita Thomas, Food & Fitness Strategist, has an easy plan to leverage whatever time you have right now to get started and stay consistent.

This is the story of two Catholic priests being a witness for Christ helping priests to eat clean, be fit, and pray well. It is a Fitser Upper story that can inspire all of us to come together to support and love each other. Being connected and having awareness is not enough. God calls every person to reach out and tell those around them – You are not alone. READ ALL 5 PAGES.

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Every Easter season, church leaders realize 'this is the really big one'. Let’s get ‘em in here while the getting is good. But, practically every church I visit that has a fitness ministry has barriers in place to keep people OUT and discourage members from bringing people IN. What's the chance someone would workout with you or enjoy a healthy meal with you? Pretty good IF you invite them.

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The sun is shining, birds singing, and flowers blooming! Spring is here and we just can’t help but get outside. Angela Edwards is ready to help you start a spring training program that’ll get you moving, having fun and sharing God’s amazing outdoor fitness facility with friends and family. Read all 7 pages.

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You can cook the foods that you love and still live a healthy lifestyle. Chef Anthony Jordan gives you 3 great recipes that are both soulful and nutritious. Read all 4 pages.

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