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If you think broken eggs on the floor can get you in a mess, wait until you see what “scrambling” will do. Your most important network is your family and those closest to you. Character Educator, Kimberly Bloom, shares how God uses RISK to shape these most intimate of relationships.

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Fishing is a way of life for many.  It can be a tough physical workout. We all cast our nets in faith for some big results. What do you stand to gain today as you go ‘fishing’/networking?

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Invito Personal Chef Anthony Jordan from Cincinnati, Ohio has 3 amazing SOUL FOOD recipes that you've just got to try. They're healthy AND they're oh so good! You'll want to cook them again and again to share with everyone at your church and gym.

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  I participated in my first Spartan Race with a group from our church. I needed this race. It changed my life. How? Well check it out - God gave me seven major takeaways from being a Spartan.



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Today people have 1-on-1 meetings while lifting weights. They hammer out agreements while pushing through a spinning class. The next big opportunity is being visualized while doing group meditation.  This isn't just networking --- It's 'sweatworking'! It's good for business and it's even better when you incorporate faith into it.  Here are seven ways you can take sweatworking to the next level.

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Want to make lasting lifestyle changes? To be successful you need more than knowledge, a better diet and improved skills. You need a good relationship --- even two! Fitness and lifestyle coach Troy Ismir gives you the 101's of 1 on 1.

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It's that lovely time of year where pumpkin spice makes everything nice. Try this delicious milkshake for a filling and enjoyable dessert.

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