Every Thursday evening dancers meet at church for a sweat-dripping workout and a uniquely blended dance class that incorporates hip hop, jazz and contemporary. It's hard hitting and spunky. These girls are growing physically and spiritually stronger as they make the dance steps their prayer to God.

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Do you have a burning enthusiasm for fitness? Do you fan the flames of your faith to grow in God?  Faith and fitness don’t happen when we’re passive, inactive or avoid the blazes God puts before us. Time to let God ignite, fuel and consume.

At some point we all go to the University of Hard Knocks, getting an education from life’s challenges. For some, the college years can be extremely difficult lacking passion and the ability to thrive. Jana Letterman provides solid encouragement and advice for college students needing solutions to better mental wellness. See how mental illness can be addressed through strengthening Christian faith and physical fitness.

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Firefighting is tough work – a vocation that’s physically difficult and spiritually stressful. FCFInternational is a community of firefighters and first responders building stronger relationships. These sold-out Christians work together for the cause of Christ. Their passion for God’s purpose is spreading to others. Discover an intense approach to training and let God ignite your faith.

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David Boudia and Steele Johnson won silver at the Rio Olympic Games. David's book, Greater Than Gold, tells his inspiring journey from lost to found. Now inspired by faith and fired by a new purpose, Boudia is ready to see how God writes his future.

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Talk about marriage! This couple not only works out together, they conduct double dutch aerobics classes together. Read how they stay in love and healthy.

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