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NUTRITION  When you think of spicy food you think of an intense experience and then some. Good news – experts have found a variety of health benefits. You’ll find full flavor in God’s Great Spice Rack. We’ll get you started with two tasty recipes.

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Body-weight exercise and functional fitness are popular leading to the success of CrossFit, bootcamps, extreme adventure races and more. Some suggest they might replace church. But consider how God wants to take your most extreme physical fitness and give you even greater purpose.

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There are all kinds of intense training and race events for adults. We found one amazing program that is geared for youth AND it’s Christ-centered. Ally and Jeff Davidson’s CG Victory is serious adventure, no kidding!

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TWIN CITIES EDITION A brave woman discovers how endurance in the gym presses her to endure in her faith! 

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TWIN CITIES EDITION Tired of doing the same thing over and over? Dr. Suzy Younquist of Revolution Chiropractic in Maple Grove, Minnesota talks about intense detoxing done right!  

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TWIN CITIES EDITION Raising hope and lifting for love, world record holders meet at Relentless MN in March! 

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Yesterday, J.R. and I hiked almost 20 miles over three 5000’ mountain peaks. Today – I don’t feel pain. My intense workout program is still working. Good training for amazing outdoor adventures delivers surprising rewards. [Downloadable workout plan included.]

CrossFit is a philosophy, sport and gym that is an ideal environment for Christians to vigorously practice the faith they believe. Faith Rx’d brings leadership, support and networking to this fitness community.

Have you set a resolution this year?This article is the perfect guide to help you hold true to the commitments you've made.

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HEALTH & WELLNESS Many people choose to begin an exercise program as part of a New Year’s resolution. Perhaps you are one of these people who decided to challenge yourself by beginning a new fitness program to shed a few pounds, improve your overall health, or you just want to look and feel better.


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