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Get a good solid grip on those weights. Ah yeah, feels good doesn’t it?! Now, drop everything you’ve learned about how to DO life and BE LIFE instead. It’s time to pause and grab hold of your greatest strength.

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Does the Y in your community have a chapel? If so, is it being used? Discover how a Y chapel can become the most significant space within a YMCA and how to grow the presence of a chapel so that it gets used significantly for maximum impact.

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Kim Dolan Leto may be a fitness model but what she really likes to model is her life in Christ. In her book F.I.T. – 10 Steps To Your Faith Inspired Transformation, she helps women to be healthy, happy and fit. This excerpt addresses the importance of having a new mindset in Christ. It includes a link to a free chapter download from her book.

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The Masked Saint, the movie is in theaters January 8, 2016. Take a closer look into the lives of Brett Granstaff, the producer and main character and Pastor Chris Whaley, the person on whom the book and movie are based. See how they connect faith with fitness and how each interprets the message of, “PAUSE/PLAY”.

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Americans have become too busy to sleep, and we’re suffering the consequences. If we don’t take time to just sit before God and meditate on His goodness, we might spin our wheels and accomplish nothing. This excerpt is from Michelle Medlock Adam’s women’s devotional, Love & Care For The One And Only You.

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If you want a truly fit life, you’ve got to get into the habit of sacrifice at the alter. Learn how to create the space and start doing it today!

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Pause for a moment from all the talk about how yoga is at odds with the Christian faith. Instead dare to completely surrender and exhale “you” to create space for God. THEN - stretch your faith and consider how you can join those at YogaFaith to reach out and provide compassionate care to victims of human trafficking.

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Dr. Mike T. Nelson covers 3 important ways to recover and produce big results!

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