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The colors of fitness are physically moving and spiritually vibrant. Your best way to celebrate diversity is to celebrate the strength and grace of God.

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NUTRITION   Making meals can become mundane and dull. Shelly and Taylor Gibbons have just the solution and their here to help you make your next meail healthy, vibrant and fresh. That will help your spiritual well-being too. INCLUDES 2 RECIPES.

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CHARACTER STRENGTH Creative and colorful fitness can begin with an energizing family run in the park and then go much further. When you learn to color outside the lines, God defines exercise and faith through memorable adventures both simple and grand. Parents and caregivers should not limit the impact that they have in helping children explore their physical beings by helping them move beyond the boundaries.

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WOMEN'S INTEREST As we approached the start line you could feel the excitement. During the race my daughter was a brilliant light to others. Here's how you honor God with your fitness, skills and interactions with others.

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TRAINING Break through the "beige and grays" of your life with a vibrant spectrum of opportunities!

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You may have recently found Faith & Fitness Magazine or be a long-time reader. Either way, now you have the top 10 reasons you are here. All you have to do now is think about who else will find our magazine to be valuable.


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TWIN CITIES EDITION Step by step a life of fitness and ministry led to a Minneapolis/ St. Paul studio that honors God in everyway, even the name.  

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CHURCH FITNESS  Your church fitness facility should be an inviting place where people want to exercise and fellowship regularly. Here are some helpful ways to brighten and liven up your church fitness ministry.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS   Meditation is just as much a part of a healthy lifestyle as exercise. Find out how you can incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

TWIN CITIES EDITION  Dr. Teresa Brenke reminds us how important fruits and veggies are and gives us concrete action steps toward healthy eating through colorful foods!


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